Our Story

Palapa is a start up investment group, founded and run by three ardent individuals. The idea is to create a brand new passion, a fresh perspective, and fulfill the needs of business while also applying leverage to the development of Indonesia.

To us, good business should be broad and innovative, so we started this company with a goal to change the conviction of traditional investments and turn it into a more captivating, modern form, inserting cultural values as the soul of each project. We believe good business should also bring just as much greater goods to the surrounding communities as it brings to us.

We commenced our initial project by investing it on construction. Building more than just a living place for students in Jatinangor, Panorama is a structure presenting the soul of its surrounding culture. Providing not only a private and preserved home, we invest in a sense of engagement with the locals, giving residents a convenience to live life with balance. 

Upcoming projects will be more exciting, cultural, and astonishing than before. We are a company aiming on turning a simple investment to an unusual, unique point of view, generating increased profit by doing business in the right manner. We will keep growing, and have the world grow with us, as we consider that it is our duty to make sure that it grows in the finest way possible, the preeminent, that is the Palapa way. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best and healthiest company possible, controlling multiple aspects of sustainable investments both in national and international scale affecting many lives positively whilst continue growing as one of Indonesia's most recognizable and respected brands. 


Our Mission

   To discover, develop, and disseminate highly innovative & fresh ideas that can be invested in the many sectors in business.

To refresh, the point of view of “Business” in Indonesia.

To explore and show the world the different sides of Indonesia's local by revealing it in our projects.

  To create more opportunities for people of Indonesia, that will work hand in hand with Palapa to achieve a better Indonesia in the next decades.